The story of Bicycle Haüs began many years ago, long before the big, glass doors were ever opened. Kale and Shasta first met in the 6th grade in Missoula, Montana. After moving to Arizona for school, they both worked their way through college - Shasta in the spa industry and Kale, discovering a true passion for cycling while working in local shops. This passion grew along with his experiences in the industry, and it wasn’t long before new ideas really began to take shape. As soon as Shasta graduated, Kale announced that he was ready to do things differently. He was determined to create something special, something different, and this soon led them to their original location on 5th Avenue in 2004. Along with the birth of the Bicycle Haüs in Old Town Scottsdale came the birth of their son, Hudson. With all the heart, soul, and money they had, Kale and Shasta took their first steps into the community as a business. The clever, “Haüs” name pays tribute to their German roots, a distinctive part of the shop’s unique brand. That first year in the community was truly memorable, especially with the arrival of their daughter, Kendal. Kale and the first shop employee, Craig Abraham, who still manages the shop today, worked side by side, seven days a week, creating a bike shop unlike any other. That 5th Avenue Haüs became their “home” for 10 years. Taking the dream to a whole new level, Bicycle Haüs took its ten years of experience to create its very own space on East 1st Avenue in 2014. Kale and Shasta saw the new building opportunity as a way to better serve their beloved community, not only now, but also many years into the future. The focus on community, friends, and family have always been and will continue to be at the very core of the Haüs story.