We get the bicycle. We recognize its lasting beauty and value. It is an invention which continues to evolve and improve yet still remain the same. The inherent value and purpose of the bicycle continually spans the landscape of both practicality and art. It is the machine that both defines who we are while also carrying us to where and who we want to be. Even after all these years, we still find ourselves admiring the timeless lines of a beautiful build, which then gives rise to an irresistible urge to take it for a spin. There are very few things in the world which can elicit that response or match that visceral attraction, especially with the same purpose and beauty. Yes, we get the bicycle, and just like the bicycle, Bicycle Haüs also strives to evolve and improve, to always pursue excellence, while still remaining true to our core purpose. Some aspects of our products and services will improve; however, our timeless commitment to serving our customers and the community as best as we can will never change.  



Pinarello- BMC - Cervelo - Specialized - Scott

Open - Moots - YETI

ASSOS - Velocio - Pedal Mafia - Giordana


The Haüs loves coffee. We crave it. Everyday. We also know that our customers love and crave it as well, and so, with every visit, every ride, every pit-stop, we will have a cup waiting for you. You will not be charged, nor will you be expected to buy a bike or even a tube. Nope. We get it. Good tasting, quality coffee is a part of our shop as are the shelves, the hangers, and the bike stands. We know the value of a good cup of joe, and instead of adding it to our list of parts for sale, we simply consider it a gesture of thanks to you.